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Real World Talkwas established initially to provide young adults 16 to 30 years-old with qualitative decision-making content.  You know… the stuff that our institutions-education, political, and social, are failing to provide.  By request, we now include all persons interested in the success of their families. We give this information in a non-PC straight forward manner.  Our contributors are business leaders, educators, physicians, and clergy. We avoid agendas and spin with one caveat - we are “Constitutionalists”.  The U.S. Constitution is our guiding perspective.

We consider our subscribers as being mature enough to want “unspun” information.  Our job is to provide that information; we suggest our subscribers check our information for themselves and if helpful… Use it!

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Glenna M. Kuhlman

Retired teacher: 37 years of teaching, with a special emphasis on teaching the Gifted and Talented.  Glenna continues a family history of outstanding professionals. 

Her mother, Marion Funk Smith Thelander was a respected pioneer in the field of Child Developmental Psychology and author of Teaching the Slow Learning Child.   Glenna is a graduate of Kean University, B.A. in Education and Bank Street Graduate School, M.S. in Mathematics Leadership.  She achieved great professional recognition as evidenced by her prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Elementary Mathematics and a listing in Who's Who of American Teachers.

Former Memberships (dropped several years after retirement)
Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, Honorary Educational Sorority National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Consortium for Gifted and Talented in Warren County National Education Association
New Jersey Education Association
NJ Mathematics Coalition, 1995-1996


1994, Presidential Award for Excellence in Elementary Mathematics Teaching (one educator from each state was presented this award each year)
1994, Who' s Who Among American Teachers, Volume 1

A pioneer in her own right, she often challenged society’s gender ceiling norms.  As well as being amongst America’s finest educators, she has always been a highly active woman.  Her life found her big game hunting in Africa, test piloting the Para-Plane, crewing on a ship to Alexandria, Egypt, and teaching children in South Korea. 

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                                                                                                Capt. Jeff Kuhlman

Capt. Jeffrey L. Kuhlman is an experienced educator and has worked as ship’s Master for many years.  He has extensive teaching experience in both the public and private sectors both domestically and abroad.  Also a training consultant in industry, he is a practiced and effective speaker.

As an educator, Capt. Kuhlman writes for several trade magazines and often speaks publically on the topic of Best Practices in Maritime Security and Defense Training.  Prior to his civilian career at sea, he was a licensed History teacher in New Jersey and taught language in the Republic of South Korea.  Capt. Kuhlman is currently the curriculum writer and Adjunct Instructor of the Maritime Track for a Master’s Degree in Disaster and Emergency Preparedness at Nova Southeastern University, Florida both in teaching and curriculum development.

As a ship’s Master, he has worked in Asia, the Orient, and Africa and has had the experience of having directly faced various maritime threats.  He is the originator of the Castle Shipboard Security Program.  The Castle Shipboard Security Program provides advanced training in shipboard security and vessel defense for maritime professionals, law enforcement, maritime security operatives, and veterans within the scope of international and US conventions.  He is currently founding the International Maritime Academy, Global Maritime Academy (Bermuda), and Global Maritime Academy (Bahamas).  He has interests with several international training organizations with government approvals..

Capt. Kuhlman is proud to have honorably worn the uniforms of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Army National Guard.  His combat experience was as a field Hospital Corpsman assigned to the Eleventh Marine Regiment, First Marine Division, Republic of South Vietnam.   His additional military experience qualified him as a First Class Diver, Gunner’s Mate (Guns), Artilleryman, and for a short time a member of a LRRP unit.  He has had extensive  tactical experience and  training and is a current NRA civilian and Law Enforcement Instructor in  concealed weapons, pistol, shotgun, and patrol rifle.  He has taught both M-2 .50 cal. And M-60 machine guns.

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